Making the Right Investment

Oct 9, 2015 by

When you are at the juncture in life when you feel the need to create a major asset for yourself and get settled, you are at the right point in time when you should think about investing in property. Buying the dream house would finally become a reality for you and you will have a place that you can call your own. However, in the process of choosing the property there are a whole lot of factors that should be considered to make it an ideal investment.

The location: The first and one of the most important factors in making a property investment is the location at which the property is made. If the location is a remote one and difficult to approach, it may not only be financially non-viable but may also prove to be inconvenient for you to live in.

The age of the property: While investing in a brand new property may not be a big problem, if you opt for an old property you may have to be cautious. You should first check the kind of structure and build that the property has. You should also make sure that the property does not have any notices against being structurally instable.

Check for the OC: In your excitement for shifting to a new home, do not forget to check whether the building has received the occupation certificate. This is the certificate that is granted after a check by the issuing authority and if the OC is not granted, the building is either not fit to live in or has not been made in line with the regulations or approvals.

When you are buying a house, you are taking a huge leap; in the course of the leap it makes sense to keep it a safe one for the sake of your own self as well as your loved ones.

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