Guide to Buying Property

Planning to buy property? It is very important that you know what you are looking for. This alone will guide you in taking the right decision and guarantee that the purchase you make is able to meet your needs. Here are a few guidelines that will help you make the right decision

Fix a budget – Know what you want and what you can afford. Make an assessment of your financial circumstances and the standard of living that you wish for while deciding your borrowing and repaying capacity. Along with your current finances, also consider future plans like starting a family, wedding expenses for a family member or expenses for your child’s higher education. If you are looking for a loan to finance the purchase, we help you finalise the amount you can borrow and sources from where to take a loan.

Negotiate – Negotiate on price of the property. Most sellers and agents will be ready to negotiate when they determine that you are a serious buyer.

Do not rush – Never rush or let yourself be pressured by sellers or agents into making a hasty decision. Property is a huge investment and make sure you buy it only after determining it is right for you.

Check out the neighbourhood – Make sure the neighbourhood consists of people you will feel comfortable with. This is especially important if you are buying an apartment.

Location – Depending on your budget, choose the location that is most convenient enough for you in terms of everyday supplies and distance from hospitals, workplace and educational institutions.